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Zoey's Friends and Family

Just about all of our animals are rescues. Each pet has his or her own unique story!

Visit the link "Our Pets' Stories" to find out how each of these wonderful animals became part of our family.

Chewie, Ginger, and Hershey

These are our three dogs. Chewie, is a wolf hybrid, Ginger, is a boxer, and Hershey, is a chocolate lab.


Here's Pi.


Can't forget Adrock, our painted turtle.


This is Iago, our Cockatiel.

Bo and Playboy

These are two of our three horses. Bo, is a quarter horse and Playboy, is an Arabian.


This is our third horse, Dinger. He's also a Quarter horse.


This is Shadow, one of our two cats.

We also have four fish. Two Betas (Fluffy and Fuzzy). A Placostimus (Domino). And a gold fish (Earl). They wouldn't hold still long enough for me to get a good picture of them!


And of course, Zoey, our raccoon.