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The newest member of our family...We just adopted a fresh-water clam. We named him "Clammy Sosa". Check out or clam page to see basic care instructions for your bivalve!

coonie paw

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" ~Mahatma Ghandi
Recieved from Gable's Raccoon World.

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Check out all of our pages!!! Don't forget to visit our links page!

zoey climbing

Here's Zoey's story: One day we got a phone call from a friend. She said that they had trapped and released a large raccoon because she was getting into their garbage, and later that day, a baby was found roaming the yard. They wanted to know if we knew what to do. We've raised baby raccoons before, so we said we'd take her. That's how Zoey became a part of the family.

On this site you will find everything you needed or wanted to know about raccoons! We also have information on our other animals.

zoey;small=180 pixels wide

This is our little girl, Zoey. We adopted her after she got seperated from her mother. She is still currently nursing (from a bottle). Zoey is almost weaned now!!!

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Please Remember...

Just because a raccoon is out during the day, does NOT mean it is sick! It is merely looking for food, NOT ALL RACCOONS ARE COMPLETELY NOCTURNAL!

Don't trap or kill a raccoon for getting into the garbage, just put a lid on your cans!

Check out our facts page to see how to drive them away without harming them.

Ginger Loo

My darling dog, Ginger. How could anyone harm a face like this? Please help stop animal abuse and neglect, report someone who is not a responsible pet owner. Together we can make a difference! Don't forget to visit the "Our pet's stories" page to see how we got Ginger. It's sad!

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